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TacoDell 11-02-2012 10:14 PM

bark that bites
This kinda details a recent off road adventure W a bonus...
as it's really about my sons wilderness experience :p

So I had to put 50 miles on the odo
in order to pass the fawking smog test chit.
because I had disconnected the ign. battery.
Of course they charged me for a retest as well :mad:
Cost me a 50 spot (for the test) and $ 30. (in gas) to meet DMV requirements
another $ 126. to register :shiner:

Anyways... figured if I had to drive...
might as well be in the dirt.

So the son and I head out our backyard, towards the San Jacinto Mtns.
The trail head entry is referred to as Bee Canyon 5S07
Just past the fire station, left, off hwy 74 at the base of the mtn.
It splits off up a ways into it, then 4S10(left/north) and 5S09 (right/south).
To the right leads you up to Pine Cove off hwy 243
* actually both the Jeep trail and 5S09 end at the 243

We went right...
tho' I passed up the Hemet Jeep club trail on this day...
not on the list... but a fun little trail to run.

Instead we went a little further looking for a little water crossing area.
Thought we'd have lunch there.
I expected that to be dried up... but was surprised to find a little.
We also went north on the 4S10, prior, only a little ways... found another trickle.

Anyways... more along the lines of this threads title...
I captured a little clip of my son fucking up :doh:
and thought you might all like a little chuckle.

He's aw'rite... nothing broken, just a coupla rashes
He laughs along at the video when we watch it together...
The boy's thumb up at the end of the slide, was appreciated :thumbs:



(advance to 1.05 min)


and some misc pics of the area...















sorry these may not be vertical
changed them... but photobucket is stupid sometimes




btw... should anyone give a shit.

Muh 295 Hankook RT03 tires did great in the dirt.
I even ran them at street pressure (lazy) and was surprised by how well they tracked in powdery dirt.
more real tests to come... but I like them more now ;)

the.sight.picture 11-02-2012 10:19 PM

nice pics. Glad he is ok. SHit has happend to me before and it really sucks. He is a trooper though:)

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