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MConde85 11-09-2012 05:02 AM

4cyl mudding
I recently had to replace my alternator as it got "water damage." according to the dealer. I couldn't find an aftermarket one so I ended up spending 698 for a new factory one....

One thing I noticed is if you look above the tire on the passanger side, you can see the alternator and it's completely open to the elements....instead of at least being higher up on top of the engine.

The muddy water I went through came up to the doors on my stock truck and I was told I should replace all my fluids also???

I also have an issue after washing under my truck with a pressure washer, the throw out bearing makes noise. It's going to cost me 400 to replace the bearing, but a friend said if it feels normal it should be ok for a little while???

BradyT88 11-09-2012 05:12 PM

This is in the completely wrong place:facepalm:

2nd gens pretty much hate being submersed... far too many electronics...

If you rear diff was submersed there is a chance it sucked in water/mud, the diff breather is only on top of the diff. There is a chance your cv axle seals will start leaking diff fluid from the front diff and there could be a small amount of water/mud in there (not as likely since your rig is so new still). Hard to say what has and hasn't happened really. I believe the starter also sits down low like the alternator and that may run into problems too... Tacoma's just aren't very waterproof... Just listing you off problems people have ran into after mudding/submersing their Tacomas on here.

For now I would only worry about the rear diff really. If there was mud/water above the rear diff, it wouldn't hurt to change the fluid. Can swap the rear diff fluid for less than $10 worth of fluid from walmart.

Just watch your front diff. If it starts leaking you will have to replace a seal or two and I would then replace the fluid as well.

Not much you can do about the start I don't think. Just wait I guess.

Good luck man. Hopefully the alternator was the only thing damaged.

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