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Flynn Diesel 12-21-2010 05:53 AM

Pepsi Refresh Project~PLEASE VOTE
I belong to the Dad's Club at my kids school. We applied for a grant through the Pepsi Refresh Project. The winner get $250,000. If we win we will refurbish the schools athletic fields, put up new lighting and expand the sports programs at the school. We are currently in 39th place!

You can help by voting daily by following the link below. You can also text your vote or vote through facebook. You can vote all 3 ways once a day until December 31st.

Thanks for the help!


The St. Gregory's Elementary School partners with the Dads Club to develop sports programs that serve as a youth mentorship mechanism for its students and the community. These programs promote the values of healthy living, leadership, volunteerism, teamwork, and service. This project will provide an opportunity to strengthen these core values by refurbishing dilapidated facilities that will benefit the entire community. Through the efforts of the community sports program we have enabled families to participate and gather in a positive and safe environment.
  • New turf, field lighting, scoreboards, multi-use capability, dugouts, and backstop
  • A wide variety of sports programs at little or no cost
  • Increased number of community sports facilities to meet all interests
  • A partnership between St. Gregory's and the Dads Club to offer affordable sports programs
  • Volunteer Coaching staff for baseball, soccer, volleyball and flag football

Flynn Diesel 12-24-2010 08:07 AM


We moved to 36th. Keep on voting!

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