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BassMaster06 04-17-2013 02:00 PM

Grandparent Scam

A scammer called my grandmother this morning pretending to be me, telling her that I couldn’t talk long, not to tell my parents, and that I was out partying with friends last night and got in trouble with the law. He told her I needed money wired to an account through “Money Gram” ASAP to get bailed out of jail. He said I was just getting over a cold, so that's why I sounded a little different.

Being the grandmother that she is, she forked over close to $2,000 thinking she was helping out her grandson. She said she swore it was me on the other line.

Fortunately, after calling me around lunch time today and figuring out what happened, she contacted her bank and the cops, and they were able to cancel the transaction and money gram refunded her the money.

Apparently it’s becoming a pretty popular scam, so I just wanted to make people aware.


It's weird though, yesterday my brother and I both got calls from an arab speaking guy saying we had won prizes from walmart since we had filled out a coupon. Both of us responded in similar ways, but I said never filled anything out at walmart, and I was at work and didn't have time to talk, hung up.

I'm guessing nowadays they have the ability to call people up and record their voice, and then use it was a voice-over to trick their friends and family into thinking they're talking to them. Maybe its a long shot, but I think the calls yeterday to my brother and I, were an attempt to get a sample of our voices, to be used in scamming my grandparents this morning.

Play it safe and don't answer phone calls from numbers you don't know. If its important they will leave a voicemail.

People are assholes.

Konaborne 04-17-2013 02:05 PM

phone scams are getting more elaborate...

we got a call from the "Las Vegas Police Department" asking about my brother. dude said he was charged with something but we had to cover the "investigation fee"

refused to give a badge number, just kept saying his name was "officer ______"

told him to fuck off
called the LVPD normal line
there was no "officer ______"
gave them the number

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