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whatatoy 02-14-2012 09:41 PM

So, I was feeling nostalgic about some older vehicles of mine that I've had in the past... I'll start with this WRX. It's a 2002 2.0L turbo. 227 hp. I changed the rims and tires up from 205/55/16's to 235/45/17's to gain more traction on the ground so I could rip corners faster. Then, I added sport tuned springs and shocks which lowered the car 3/4 of an inch and added much more resistance to rolling, while still allowing the car to soak up bumps in the corners. After this, I added stiffer sway bars and installed some strut tower braces.

From this point on, I drove it for 2 years. One night, while running a local road at night, I had gone the 13 miles up the hill (200 turns approx) and then immediately turned around to go down... entering the first corner, I had no brakes... Next thing I added as stoptech 14" slotted/drilled rotors with 6 piston caliper brakes and sport pads. I took the front calipers and disks (11" 2 piston calipers) and moved them to the rear replacing the 10" 2 piston caliper brakes in the back... I then had my tire and brake guy help me re-balance the brakes to stock specs (balance front to back).

I kept stock specs and only used sport level products because this car was my daily driver...

Then, I ran the same road and no problem stopping - only a problem seeing at night - luckily I had installed piaa 6" 100w halogen h-3 driving lights into the stock fog light places and aimed them to light up the road in front of me... intense brightness!

I babied this car when taking care of it mainly because I drove the crap out of it! In 73,000 miles, I wore out 9 sets of tires and 3 sets of brake pads... But, I detailed it once a week and waxed every other month and detail waxed and polished it twice a year... including taking off those stupid white rims to wax them (made it easier to wash the brake dust off if they were waxed) NEVER AGAIN DOING WHITE RIMS!!!

The subaru dealership said the transmission looked great when the replaced my clutch at 60,000 miles. (typical for this sort of car - but I was hard on the down shifts) (I had them install an aftermarket one that hit harder and I also had them install a light weight fly wheel while they were at it so I could rev faster!)

PICS: (stupid me never took pics of the engine bay!)






whatatoy 02-14-2012 09:41 PM

Picked up this jeep and owned it for a year or so - kind of a beater and my dad and I beat the crap out of it... Bought it with 31's and a 3 inch lift on it... got it stuck, replaced bumper, added winch, spacers (front) shackles (rear) to and fender flares to clear 33's... added roof rack, rock sliders, extra autozone KC lights, hilift jack, and played with it... Was a great jeep - but, we kept snapping the link arm mounts in the front because we never replaced them with the appropriate style joint (was the stock bushing... not a hiem) - so, we sold it and want to build a new rock crawler... The jeep also came with flow master catback exhaust, K/n CAI, detroit lockers front and rear... was a strong jeep.







whatatoy 02-14-2012 09:42 PM

BMW Motorcycle - just sold, but it was a great bike



whatatoy 02-14-2012 09:45 PM

extra reserve

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