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Benson X 10-13-2011 11:08 AM

aFe Exhaust Review.....
Okay, since there's not too many folks on here with this system I decided to do a quick write-up about it. I've had this kit (aFe Part No.49-46002) for just about a week now, and I am really pleased with it so far. I think it goes perfectly with the Pro-Dry S CAI I just installed about 3 weeks ago.

3" Mandrel-Bent 409ss
409ss Turbo style Muffler
Welded Bayonet Hangars (no risk of rusting out)
409ss Band Clamps (high-quality, leak free w/ no tack welds)
Easy Install

It took about 50 minutes to remove the old exhaust and install this one. The hardest/most time-consuming part was getting the old hangars out (lubed 'em well) and "weaseling" that long-ass exhaust out of there (I have a DC/LB).

Installing the aFe exhaust was quick, easy, and straight-forward. It took about 15-20 minutes. I was thoroughly impressed with the welds/beading and overall quality of this system. Like I've said before, aFe really pays attention to detail, and seems to take it one step beyond the competitors.

Dare I even touch on this subject??? There is no way I gained +26HP & 30lbs/ft. torque that they "claim" you will get. I haven't noticed any increase, and haven't noticed a decrease in low-end due to the 3" piping. The only difference I have noticed is I am pushing harder on the skinny pedal because I love the way it sounds!!! :D

Here's some crappy vids I took last night. Taken at night with my digi-cam, so it's not the best sound/video quality, but better than the other aFe exhaust vids I've seen/heard.
(yes I know I need gas :rolleyes:)

I am very pleased with my decision. I love the exhaust.
I know there's always gonna be haters out there: "Why 3" pipe?!" "Why Not just weld in a muffler?!"
"Fart Can" etc.
My response..."Why the hell do you care what I do to MY truck?":mad:

Here's the spec. sheet from aFe in anyone wants to laugh at their power claims....


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