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MindOVERMatter 04-03-2013 11:17 AM

TTC Performance, any input?
I know the consensus around here is to just throw on a trd supercharger if you're looking for real hp/tq gains and call it a day.

But what about those who are more interested in building the internals and having a reliable n/a beast?

It looks like Eric from TTC Performance is the only person currently making the 1grfe 4.0 camshafts. Does anybody around here have experience with this company?

Look here: http://www.ttcperformanceproducts.com/1g4ca.html

I'm interested in pairing the stage 2 N/A cams with either an AEM or UCON EMS( if gadget starts selling any time soon )

What kind of gains would I be looking at realistically?

My current mods:
Short tube headers
afe stage 2
urd y-pipe
custom 2.5 exhaust with a vibrant resonator and aero turbine 2525
all v-bands
No tune

Torspd 04-03-2013 11:27 AM

Gadget already sells the UCON.

I helped Dezod get Molnar forged rods, by using one of my spares, recently. Dezod also has a FULL line up of internal components for the 1GR.


They will be much cheaper than TTC. Trust me. Already worked with TTC in the past. Great fellow, just more expensive. Unless his prices have recently changed?

The cams are not brand new cams. They are re-worked factory cams. Best to use your own as it will save a lot of headache when dealing with the bucket shims. You can send them to LC Engineering to have them done, or to the source themselves. Web Camshafts.

Just tell them what you are looking for. N/A and S/C, or turbo.

I will tell you this, that two similar vehicles, but one with only a bolt on s/c and the other with just cams, that they cam'd 1GR will be quicker. Compliments of the UAE member and friends.

MindOVERMatter 04-03-2013 11:42 AM

Damn coming from the man himself....

That's what I like to hear Torspd!! Plus the raw sound of a built n/a is alot more appealing than the trd whine, imo.

How long do you think the turn around time would be if I sent the cams to LCE? I know it's prob best to just call and find out...

Yea ill be ordering the cometic head gasket and studs from dezod to install at the same time as the cams.

In your opinion which is the more powerful EMS? UCON or AEM?

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