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Krazie Sj 08-30-2010 04:26 PM

Camcorder or DigiCam?
So I know you can take video with a DSLR, but I have a question regarding it.

What kind of software does it use? I know that's a super vague question, but here's my reasoning.

The wife wants a video camera to shoot her dancing for her students as online lesson plans.

She's borrowed a friend JVC camcorder and hates the software to put it on the computer.

Now eventually I want to get a DSLR, so my reasoning is, kill two pigs with one rock.

What say you? I'm a Canon boy, but if I was going DSLR I'd buy which ever was better since my FD mount lenses don't work on the new canons. (Nikon/Canon)

ocabj 08-30-2010 07:03 PM

First off, you need video editing software no matter what you use, a camcorder (consumer or professional grade) or a dSLR hybrid.

Not sure what all the Windows users are using, but Sony Vegas Pro seems to be the popular choice.

As far as Mac OS X, iMovie is a very decent editor and easy to use. Or you can step up to Final Cut Express or Final Cut Pro (very complex).

As far as camcorder vs dSLR hybrid (e.g. Canon T2i or 7D), it's best to stick with a camcorder.

Unless you are willing to spend money on the actual support rigs, follow focus, loupe (e.g. Zacuto Z-finder), and other accessories, your wife is going to find shooting video with the dSLR very, very difficult.

For an idea of what's involved with video on the dSLR, watch this:


A basic shoulder mount and follow focus will run you around $1200.

I've shot some of my youtube videos on a dSLR (7D and 5D Mark II), but they were very, very basic productions on a static tripod with zero movement of either the subject or the camera.

But if you're willing to risk hybrid dSLR for HD video, then Canon is the only way to go. All Canons record to H.264 natively whereas all Nikons shoot Motion-JPEG (except the recently announced D3100).

To get blown away by what you can do with a Canon 7D (or other Canon dSLR) watch Vincent Laforet's work:

http://vimeo.com/8595246 - "The Cabbie"
http://vimeo.com/8341236 - Behind the Scenes of "The Cabbie"

Krazie Sj 08-30-2010 10:52 PM

Excellent, I haven't had a chance to see the video's you've posted, but what I should have clarified is that the camera pretty much just needs to be mounted and stuck in one position in place.

As for software, I just know that whatever came with the JVC camcorder gives her massive troubles in terms of having to change whatever format it records in to putting it on the inet.

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