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ds46000 01-13-2012 12:16 PM

Machinery 2 HDR Effects software
I know there was someone here the other day asking about HDR software...although I can't find the thread. Hopefully this will help you out. I'm gonna attempt using it tonight on a pic of my truck I took the other day and I'll post it up when I get home.

I found out about it on my photography forum (i don't know if I'm allowed to mention the name so I won't for now) but anyway....it's pretty cool for anyone who's interested in doing HDR processing to their photos.

For anyone who doesn't know...HDR is like taking 3 of the same pictures, all exposed differently (most dslr's have this feature), and combining them so you can capture all the detail that would otherwise be lost in shadows and/or highlights. In other words, your camera would take a bracketed shot of say 3 exposures...one overexposed, one underexposed, and one in the middle. Then the software layers the pictures on top of eachother and does it's magic...and you end up with more of a surreal looking picture (althougth, the amount of surrealism...if that's a word...is up to you).

There's a couple different manufacturers of HDR software, but initial reviews on this latest edition of Machinery 2.0 are really good. They finally made it available in English.

I downloaded the trial version but I'll probably buy it...it's pretty impressive.

PS, if you can't do multiple exposures w/ your camera, you can still use the software....it can still work with just a single expsoure jpeg.

Here's a link...website is kinda funky though, click the Brittish flag icon to see it in English

Anyone else ever used it? Post up some pics!

I'll try to get the pic of my truck up this evening.

Hope someone finds this useful!

Jholder70 01-13-2012 12:55 PM

I have not used that software, but you can do the same thing in photoshop, or even the new version of Picasa has HDR toning built in..

In photoshop if you use the auto image bracketing of your SLR camera you can merge the files in to a single HDR and achieve some pretty cool effects. I have some samples at home I will try to remember to upload some later

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