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Morthland 04-04-2012 10:07 PM

LED strip as tail light
Ok guys and (a few)gals.. I was at Rally Innovations today in Anaheim, CA. They are big in the Subaru, Mitsubishi, Rally light bar market and I met the owner who is a friend of a friend. led strip blue I was interested in coming up with a light bar for the 2012 Tacoma. I just felt that the changes Avid made to their light bar didnt really accent the different lines that are present in the 12s. I showed him my idea (really bad drawing) and led strip 12v he said it was feasible and wed get started soon. I told him there might be some interest on TW for these things and he said hed be willing to mass produce, waterproof led strip light but hed need to know before he made mine so he can keep the measurements for future production runs. Otherwise hed only be making mine as a favor and leaving it as that. So below are a few

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