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lightinglark956 12-08-2012 08:27 AM

bakflip vp review
do not buy this tonneau cover for a toyota tacoma !looks nothing like the pictures ,edge of panels where they join have gaps doesn't fit for crap d rings are installed upside down so one side actully presses into the vinyl has exposed metal frame on ends with open joints .was told by bak that i could still use my factory rail system that is a lie !when i spoke to frankie@bak industries i was told that is how they fit on a tacoma !!!and if i have a problem with it that i need to email the president of bakflip because he designed it !!and with their return policy of any parts that was installed cannot be returned !!!! you are stuck with it !!!!! i emailed the pres of bak and pointed out all the blems and problems ot a factory 2nd from them but they wont admit it or stand behind it !!!!!!!

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