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Brunes 12-22-2012 06:52 PM

Looking for reviews...National Bearing Wheel Hubs
So my wifes 4Runner needs a new left front wheel bearing. The dealership wants 420+ for one. I can get them for 125 apiece or less on Summit Racing, but I haven't ever used parts from them. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/nt...04?prefilter=1
I have to see if the are complete or if there are more parts/seals I'll need. Also need to find out If I'll need to press the hubs together or if they come ready to go.

Chuy 12-29-2012 12:28 AM

That National bearings # is acutally a Moog. Both are quality brands with National a maker of seals. They are part of the Federal-Mogul group that includes Champion, Sealed Power, Fel-Pro, and others - http://www.federalmogul.com/en/After...ionalOilSeals/ . Summit Racing is also a quality vendor that caters to hot rodders and auto enthusiasts in general.

I just replaced the wheel bearings in my 07 Taco but went with Precision bearings sold on Amazon, http://www.prec-auto.com/ for $52.

Our trucks use the same bearings.

You can either buy the bearings separately , or pre-installed in the bearing assembly as in the link you provided. That bearing assembly presses into the wheel hub, which means you first need to press out the old wheel assembly from the hub. You can take it to a shop for that. They shouldn't charge more than $60 to take out the old and press in the new.

If you just buy the bearings, you have the additional and laborious step of removing and installing the races into the bearing assembly. The bearings will be about 25% cheaper, but I think most folks will recommend to get the whole bearing assembly.

The other parts you should replace are the outer seal, National # 710477, and the O-ring, currently only found at the dealership, # 90301-A0005. An inner seal is also available but, that covers the CV and may not need replacing. When you pull out the bearing assembly, you will be able to see if the seal needs replacing. National # 710573 if 4X4, or same as the outer if non-4X4.

Step-by-step procedure http://www.tacomaworld.com/forum/2nd...-pictures.html

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