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herigstad824 02-20-2013 10:25 AM

Should I buy 2006 Taco w/replaced HeadGasket?
I just rolled my Dakota the other night so it is time I buy a Toyota, have wanted one for a while was just trying to save for a nice down payment. Anyways they have a 2006 ext cab sr5 with 6spd manual tranny and 83k miles on her. they are asking 18 it has a matching topper and some toyo mts in pretty good shape (75%) After talking with them for a while he mentions that the head gasket has been replaced once before, do yall think that this could be an ongoing problem and i should steer clear or if it has already been replaced should it be good for the 200k Toyota is known for? Thanks and i appreciate any sort of response.

PS They also have a 2005 TRD Automatic that i have not inquired about with 101k miles. Which would you go for?


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