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Dan Fredrickson 06-29-2012 09:03 AM

Flat Rate Shipping from Ruffstuff!
I have been working behind the scenes for about 6 months now on something big. Well, I even impressed myself with my negotiating skills this time ;) After all was said and done we can now offer everyone a tremendous deal on shipping UPS like we have always done with the USPS. It dosen't quite cover everything, Axle Housings and the XJ Unirails are just too big.


Two years ago we introduced Steering Kits. Sure, lots of companies sell Steering kits, some pretty hokey and some as good as ours. Most cost much more which would explain why we sell 8-10 kits a day, some are pretty much the same price as ours.

The big issue and deciding factor has always been cost of shipping. If both kits being equal quality and shipping from the first was $30 and the second was $75 it was a pretty easy decision. We have always been fair with our shipping but to the East Coast it could add up, even Oregon & Washington could be $25. I have always believed in Fair Priced shipping, we don't sell shipping! Some companies decide to charge more than it costs'. I see shipping as simply a cost of doing business. Now we can always be the best priced shipping to go with the best quality Steering!


Here's the deal, starting tommorrow morning all of our steering kits (6 options), any tubing order of 3 sticks or less and 60" and shorter, our Panhard kits, our Antiwrap kits, and our IFS and FJ40 Toy Reinforcement kits will all ship anywhere in the lower 48 for a flat rate price of $17. Now if you buy a 4 link kit AND a steering kit it won't be $17, the link kit will still go in a USPS flat rate but the part that used to cost from $30-70 will only be $17!

This is a seriously big deal, but we can offer this only as long as we can meet the UPS minimum requirement they added but with these prices I am sure our quantities will go through the roof!

Dan Fredrickson 06-25-2013 11:48 AM

This has been running a year now and UPS is way more than happy with us. Keep the orders coming and we will be able to maintain this price!

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