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Dan Fredrickson 07-27-2012 03:46 PM

Dans' Birthday Sale!
I am sorry to say that I am old as dirt and getting older every day!

I pretty much still feel like I'm 18 though. Except for my knees, my eyesight, and my belt size...Anyway, I'm just getting started, even though I'm getting the senior discount next year...

Still pull the hot chicks though ;)

But Garett insisted we celebrate the onset of my old age so we are having a sale. Since I feel like an 18 year old its going to be 18% off of anything we sell! This is going to last til my birthday, August 4th. If you want to send a gift I won't be upset :)

To get the discount place your order and when you get to the discount code box plug in BDAY

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