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FlyingWil 01-19-2012 10:43 AM

Metal replacement Safari Snorkel Grills
Sierra Expeditions is now offering Metal replacement Safari Snorkel Grills. Safari Snorkels offer great protection for your vehicle, however, the plastic grill does not always hold up the abuse the snorkel head takes in wooded areas. This replacement grill replaces the Safari Snorkel grill part number: 000135500. This grill is laser cut to ensure proper fitment from 14 guage steel and then powder-coated to match the Safari Snorkel Air Ram body.

Fits all older style Safari Snorkel air rams with grills that screw on:
  • 3" Diameter - Classic 000135000
  • 3.5" Diameter - Old Style 000135200
At $19.99 these are available in two styles: OEM style with a grill that matches the shape from Safari Snorkel, or with the Sierra Expeditions compass logo overlaid on top of the OEM style.





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