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tcBob 10-24-2008 07:47 AM

TacomaWorld Code of Conduct

The atmosphere at Tacoma World is meant to be welcoming and friendly to anyone who visits. Therefore, the staff of this site have laid out the following guidelines:

Use of offensive and inflammatory language, discussions or content targeting an ethnic, political or religious group, gender, sexual orientation, name calling, and humiliating or bashing members is prohibited in the forums of Tacoma World. Political discussion, talk or displays of reckless driving, street racing and excessive speeding are also not permitted on Tacoma World. Discussions, links, pictures and videos of illegal activities are not permitted on Tacoma World.

Personal attacks or threats against other members will not be tolerated and generally results in expulsion from the site.

Should you have reason to take issue with a thread or post content, please discuss it with the Site Administrator or Moderators. Do not feel obligated or empower yourself to deal with the issue on their behalf. Such action will not be tolerated since it quickly spins out of control and the consequences are irreversible. Such unwarranted action almost never remedies the issue but hurts and brings disrepute to all of us Tacoma owners and enthusiasts.

Images or discussions that are questionable or sexual in nature DO NOT belong on the forum. Images of persons wearing bathing suits are permissible presuming there is no excessive cleavage, buttocks, or other items of that nature deemed that may be inappropriate. "Thread baiting" with use of 'sexy pictures' is not to be conducted.

The word "would" should not be added after a photo as it only asks for unnecessary comments. [new 092614]

A vast cross section of people browse this popular site from their places of work and/or homes where co-workers or family members are in close
proximity. These members should not have to worry about potentially embarrassing images appearing on their screen as a result of careless posting.

Links that are not safe for work "NSFW" are also not permitted here, at TacomaWorld.com.
Any violation of the guidelines set out above will be dealt with by the moderators at their own discretion, including permanently banning members who decide to go against the rules and spirit of the site.

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