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[start here] Ordering/Inquiring about decals

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[start here] Ordering/Inquiring about decals

EDIT: 04-23-2012 (added link to "hood" stuff)


I get asked a lot "how do I order from you?" or "do you have a website?", so I wanted to create this thread to answer some questions and shed some light.

First, thank you for visiting and you can always PM me

This is a side thing, so please bear with me


My sticky threads:

Decals and info

More Decals

Install Tips

LINKS to decals:

CenterCap decals

Bedsides etc

Hood/scoop related

Customer installs also this thread and this one

3rd Brake light covers

Tacoma Badging

Custom decals

Misc Stickers
more in this thread

Retro style stripes


Q & A

first, the Question i get asked the most:

Can you make me a custom set of Bedside decals?

A: No, I do not do new bedside decal design by request anymore. I stopped around Feb of '09.
Occasionally, I will post something that I may have been working on previously or that I had an idea for.
Time is the main constraint for creating new designs, and I don’t have much to spare.

if you do not find it in my galleries of bedsides, then i will not be making it....the exception is below \/

EDIT: unless explicitly stated in post one of a thread from me. (example "TRD decal with state shapes" )
1. Q: How do I order from you?

A: If you find something you are interested in, send me a PM with some specifics like an image, link, or thread and post# where you saw it. That way I can be sure of exactly which item you are referring to. at that point I can quote you a price.

If referring to any decal other than a bedside, hood scoop, windshield banner, or 3rd brake light cover, I will need to know a size (in inches) and color to price.

Basically, the more info I have the more accurate I can be.

the color of you truck helps as well

2. Q: Do you have a web site?

A: I do not have a website. I do most all of my business on this site. I do have links to galleries of my work and what I offer.

Top level (called Black Cat)
^ this has some sub directories on the left hand side i.e. Tacoma Badging, Customer Installs, etc
Some have additional sub directories

Other links can be found in my “Decals and Info Thread

3. Q: do you take paypal?

A: Only for orders $10 or under. Anything over, I require money order. (since '09)

4. Q: If I find a decal design I like, but I do not think the colors will look good on my vehicle, can you change the colors?

A: Yes, I can change colors to better match your vehicles paint color*

*NOTE: I can "mockup" what a decal might look like on your truck.

I cannot exactly simulate your paint color or what colors are supplied from the vendor who makes the "foils" that are used for the printing process....even the same color can be a different shade from the same manufacturer.

I can, hopefully, get close. as a result the decals you receive might look a little different than an illustrated image I work up.

**See below for some info on coloring

5. Q: Are the bedside decals the same size as a stock set of decals?

A: Most decals are about the same size as the stock bedside decals. Mountain based decals have a slightly smaller TRD because the mountains take up more room on the printer, so they need to be a little smaller.
6. Q: Are the bedside/hood scoop decals printed on a rectangle or cut like stock decals?

A: The bedsides/hood scoop decals are trimmed similar to a stock decal (Approx 1/8" from graphics)
In most all cases, the decals are NOT square/rectangular (You cannot create a .jpg image that is not bound by a square or rectangular shape).

7. Q: Are the bedside decals printed on clear?

A: In most cases, the bedside decals/hood scoop decals are printed on clear. The background is to simulate body color. (any where you see body is clear) some decals are cut from a solid color vinyl. I will note this, if it is the case.

8. Q: How are the bedside decals made?

A: I use 3M clear vinyl that is run though a “printer” that applies the colors from a roll "foil", with heat.


Color “foils”

**Some info when referencing color changes to Bedside decals and hood scoop decals.

1. stroke/outline (yellow) + fill (red)+ shadow (black)

2. stroke/outline (none) + fill (red)+ shadow (black)

3. stroke/outline (yellow) + fill (none)+ shadow (black)

4. stroke/outline (yellow) + fill (red)+ shadow (none)

thanks for visiting

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