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Kfraz145 05-04-2013 05:23 PM

Starting New Build *Looking to Buy*
2013 TRD 4X4 Double Cab

Ready and money set aside to accomplish my 3" suspension lift. But before I take it in to get this done I would like to have my new tires and rims for them to throw on as well. with that said I am looking hard at buying some rims and tires. I really like the Nitto Trail Grappler style or the mud grapplers. I also like the duratracs. I dont know enough to determine what is some other alternates to this style that i should look at. (Maybe some help)

Here is a list of some of the things I would be willing to buy if anyone is willing to sell. This is how I am going to start my build. Hope you guys can help.

1. Tires and Rims (If someone has a good deal, I am all in , also willing to pay shipping)
2. 3" lift (Pretty much decided I am going to pay to get this done)
3. Neff Style side step bars
4. Either cool front bumper or a Bull Bar (Black)
5. Hoping to get headlights done too, but nervous to do myself.
6. Bed Cover
7. Grill Mods/ eyelids (Possibly)

Help and comments would be appreciated

ps. I have been looking at 285/65/18 on my tires, if you guys think i should go with a different size please let me know.

Thanks Again. Hopefully I can be help to someone else at some point down the road after my build.

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