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Joshua2012 02-18-2012 09:17 AM

North San Diego County Wheel Balancing?
Hey everyone. I am still pretty new here. Lurking around learning but I needed to ask this.

Does anyone know any "Good" maybe "Smart" people around that actually know how to balance our wheels and tires? Someone that will actually listen when we say use sticky weights? I just recently had my wheels balanced after adding some 285 70 17 to the stock wheels and now I have a steering wheel shake. Had the same issue after my lift install but that was because the shop used "crap-o" spacers on the front to give wheel clearance. Running Spidertraxx now.. that was fixed. Now new tires are on... shake is back after getting them mounted and balanced.

I would just like to find someone who can install this stuff properly. If I had the training and equipment I would do it myself. I wish! I hate trusting others with my trucks or cars...

Any help would be great. That shake drives me nut with my commute every day from Oside to Coronado.. need to get this taken care of quick.

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