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JaimeSR5 08-12-2012 10:51 PM

{issue with my side window}
so here is the issue with my side window on my 03 extra cab, I installed a new lock assy on my window because the original was broken off, some one broke into my truck and took a case of cds..lucky that they just snagged that, the lock assy i got was from the toyota dealer but yet it doesn't close completely, it doesnt lock, i talked to one of the workers there about it but they didnt even help, its like they where speaking caveman language lol..so im wondering what exactly my issue is with my window, will gladly post up a few pic's of the window tomorrow morning.

if anyone can give me some info on this would really appreciate it :D

as you can see my lock assy does not lock completely, and it opens to far out, only way it locks is when its open, and thats an issue i need help on..


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