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JohnB81 11-28-2012 10:55 PM

Eco Brakes, any experience from the OC guys?
Hello TW, first post but long time reader and user of all the great info here.

I am curious if anyone, especially the OC guys have any experience using Eco brakes (www.ecobrakes.com) located in Garden Grove.
They are advertising on Craigslist new front slotted and drilled rotors/pads and install for $160.

I'm due for pads and getting some vibration when braking (so likely warped rotors)

Your experience/ reviews are much appreciated.

asus611 11-29-2012 02:04 PM

I say you go OEM pads and brembo blank rotors (if you cant turn the ones you have on right now).

Do it in your garage to really save some $$

JohnB81 12-01-2012 09:14 AM

Thank you, I know that there are other options out there but I am curious if anyone has tried them. And for this price, it's worth having someone else do the labor.

RacerAV 12-10-2012 12:30 AM

you get what you pay for... and with BRAKES? eesh... spend the dough...

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