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TallCanDan 01-08-2013 08:34 AM

Greetings, from San Diego
Hello everyone.
I have owned my 2000 Xtra Cab SR5 4x4 for about 5 years now. I bought from a buddy of mine, the original owner. Upon purchase it had a broken passenger side motor mount. Sheared right off the frame. All due to my buddy completely hammering this truck at Glamis and Anza- Borrego. Jumping it, flooring it, going up Comp Hill at Glamis in reverse... Oh yeah! Even for a Toyota I am surprised this was the only major thing wrong with it. Oh and the rear end blew up, and he had it rebuilt just before I bought it.
The 5VZ-FE still runs like a raped ape, even with 268,000 miles on it. At 260,000 the clutch finally went, which my buddy says was the original one. I couldn't afford to put an OEM clutch in it, so hopefully the HD unit from LC
Engineering holds up the same, or close...
I also replaced the plugs, wires and coil packs at around 250,000. Not that the motor was missing or anything was wrong, I just wanted to see if she would fire up a little quicker than 3 or 4 cranks when hot. The burn on the plugs looked great. Talking to my buddy about it he said what I replaced was the original components, all of em! So I replaced with OEM. Very happy with this truck. The last Toyota I owned was an '87 Xtra Cab 4x4 with a 4 banger- great truck as well! Enough for now, thanks for having me.
Here are some pics...


These first two are wheelin in Box Canyon in Indio (Palm Springs area)
Attachment 188535

Attachment 188536

These next two are Mt. Laguna, above San Diego
Attachment 188537

Attachment 188538

mercurymullet 01-08-2013 08:54 AM

Looks good except for those chargers stickers, JK.

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