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brizower 07-30-2013 01:59 AM

Rockymounts Driveshaft SD or Dakine Pick-up Pad
So which would you recommend?

From what I can tell-

Dakine Pick-up Pad:
Room for a lot of bikes (5)
Less time to throw my bike in the truck

No locks whatsoever for the pad or the bikes (wouldn't be hard to run a chain through the frame though)
Could scratch the paint on my tailgate if left on too long?
Should be removed installed with each use

Driveshaft SD:
Semi-permanently installed
15/20mm thruaxles can be locked
Able to secure 9mm QR and 15/20mm thruaxles (good for my Heckler, or mine and my wife's hardtails)

Takes a little more time to put the bikes in the truck
$80 each
Have to remove the front wheel and most likely store inside the truck
9mm QR bikes can not be locked

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