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My68ur8trd 03-05-2009 07:53 PM

SubXclosures Console Lid Uphosltery
Here it is, black suede center with the grey vinyl side ( identical to current SubX material). You can also do other color combination if you want ( you need to PM first to discuss fabric as some will run more than others).



This is the first one that I had done and the stitching across the top was not intended. It did some out pretty neat and you guys can have it that way if you want. I think the stitching will hold up better over time.

I am in the process of having one done without the stitching and I should have that back some time next week and I will put up pics, It will be the same w/o the diagonal stitching on the top,

Now, how these are done. The original grey rubber console cover is removed and this new cover is applied ( with new soft foamhttp://www.xr-underground.com/forum/...xr-u/smile.gif).

I have two options as to how I would like this to work.

1) I have two console lids in hand here now, so I could do a swap. You send me you lid, and I send you a covered. If there is alot of interest this would make it a slow process.

2)The second option is for you to send me the console lid, I get it covered within 10 days, and ship it back. I would like to do it in batches of 5 to keep from swamping my upholstery guy. I think this would get more people their console lids faster, and you get your lid back, I will also send your factory grey cover back with it in case you ever want to put it back to stock.

Cost? $85 shipped ( you send it to me, have the work done, and I send it back), I may have to adjust this some for shipment to HI

Also here it is without the cross hatch pattern




Just Shoot me a PM if interested


cmytacoma 03-22-2010 08:50 AM

can you do a console non cross stitched in black suede w/ black leather/vinyl and red stitching. same on the door handles? I'm more interested in the console cause i have suede inserts already for the front and back(double cab)doors and katzkin TRD leather seats with heaters. this would pull all together quite nicely :cool: LMK price of just console and package price please and thanks for your time. stuff looks great

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