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mfudurich 09-13-2010 11:38 AM

Need Answers!! Bilstein 5100/OME 885/13MM Spacer
Ok, with a couple more night of reading under my belt, I've noticed alot of 05+ tacos out there have also added the OME 885's in the front, with some adding a 10 or 13mm spacer.

Is this safe to do with the stock UCA's? I don't really want to shell out the 600 bux for new UCA's if I can avoid it.

Ok, secondly I'm still pretty sold on the deaver 10 leaf pack for the rear, but all this info regarding running Billies at '0' or '.85' with OME 885's and probably a 13mm spacer, IS it bad to run the billies at '.85' or better at '0'? Is it just because of the CV's???

Also looking at new rubber, I have to stock 17" alloys, fall season is just around the corner, (Calgary AB Canada) so the snow it going to fly right away. I'm hoping to fit 285/70/R17 does anyone have this setup? I'm wondering whats the cheapest largest tire size people are running?

I would like to run something a little larger that 265/70/r17 with the 3" lift I'm going to slap on.

LASTLY, back spacing question, looking at these KMC XD REVOLVERs 17x9
buuut the wheel is a -12 offset, wondering again, if anyone are running these sexy wheels and if you are how do they ride? will they work with a 3" lift? Is there any alternatives available for the wheel not to rub? I'm like a sponge, gimme more infoo!!

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