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The Munster 11-21-2010 11:22 AM

Rear leaf spring TSB
so yesterday i did my first leaf spring TSB. Guy comes in with a 2011 tacoma and DEMANDS new leaf springs cause they bottom out(keep in mind 2011 don't apply to the TSB... yet) so long story short my shop ends up good willing them to him, i get the job and to my suprise it was extremly simple. bad part was i noticed he had billy 5100's in the front. i put it on the alignment rack and saw the numbers. one thought came to mind "you bastard", dude never got an alignment :facepalm:

Brunes 11-21-2010 11:23 AM

LOL...That's a funny story. Glad your shop hooked him up tho!!

The Munster 11-21-2010 11:25 AM

yeah, but the guy was a douche about it. not my problem still got paid 2.6hrs:D

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