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Chachie 12-07-2010 11:12 AM

6" coils.
Ok heres the deal, i would like a coil that will work with my my db lift that will give me about 8" of travel. Can i just buy a king coilover and springs and just bolt it in as long as the extended and compressed lengths are correct?

Chachie 12-07-2010 11:29 AM

Just went out and did some measuring, and it looks lie i would need a 12" travel coil. That would give me 19.5" compressed and 31.5" extended and the truck would sit level in between there. That will also allow for it to be very adjustable.

thenomad 12-08-2010 08:58 AM

Not to highjack but if I bought the fabtech 6 lift, do you know which coilovers you could use? I would want a better option than the dirt logics..

Chachie 12-08-2010 09:09 AM

Icon makes one.


Chachie 12-14-2010 11:29 AM


skyedtacoma808 12-15-2010 12:58 PM

Would those icon coils fit with a 6" trailmaster kit also? Or only with procomp

Chachie 12-15-2010 01:00 PM

I dont see why not.

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