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brelandt 05-12-2011 12:10 PM

883 or adjustable 5100?
Sorry if this was already beaten to death but I can't seem to filter through the thousands of threads to get an answer. So post a link if you know of one but here goes....

Just bought a new set of KYB Monomax struts and love them, but after 6 years of using my over the strut spacers I want to change to something else. Biggest reason is to make my suspension look unmolested and a big fat spacer doesn't do this...LOL

I can either get a set of OME 883 or whatever you think is better or just get a set of 5100. The cost is close enough and I can only afford one or the other.

Also looking to get 2.5" cause my 3" make my spindle rub the coil when dropping down from a speed bump and it gets annoying at times.

brelandt 05-17-2011 07:41 AM

Well, after much self debating (sounds bad) I am going to go with the 883's. I read over all the threads on OME coils and what I really paid attention too where the before and after photos.
The 883 looked more like the current 3" I have now.
I can't wait for them to get here now!!!!!

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