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jamespud 05-18-2011 01:38 PM

98 Tacoma Suspension Upgrade
I just installed a set of 5100's on all 4 corners along with 1 1/2" AAL in back. I used the middle setting on the front shocks which worked great. I also replaced the rack and pinion bushings and the sway bar bushings with urethane. I am not sure if this is typical of the results that most people get, but I gained 1 1/2" in the front and almost 2" in back. Bottom line is that I couldn't be happier. It handles and drives much better, plus I can haul more without bottoming out all the time. Also, to people who are thinking about doing something similar, this took me 6 hours and I had never done one before. I did have a 2 post lift, and impact wrenches, but it was all pretty straight forward. Thanks to all here for all the info that they post. I pretty much knew what needed to be done before i started and that is a big plus.


YotaDan 05-18-2011 01:48 PM


Monkeysuncle 05-18-2011 01:53 PM

How bad were the leaf springs? My 99 is in need of new leafs and I cant get the $ to do it, but I NEED it.

jamespud 05-18-2011 05:23 PM

My truck was still sitting level but I couldn't haul anything heavy at all.

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