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MedlinAround 06-20-2011 01:17 PM

Alignment Help
Well i installed my 5100's (.85) with Eibach coils.. Took it to the shop and they said they got it to show green on their machine and got it aligned but there is still a small pull either way which would probably have to do with the caster, such as if i hit a bump and it lifts my tires off of the ground. I noticed it before installing the lift but with my tires so wore out i figured it was just hard to keep the truck exactly aligned. I also noticed it after i got it all back together that it sorta looked like my front tire might have been turned in just a tad bit. Anyway i got to thinking about the .5 spacer plate and the (tacoma tilt) that i've read so much about. I didn't buy the spacer plate but i am getting ready to go measure both sides of my front on level ground to see if that might be my problem.

I'm really new to this lift stuff and have learned a lot so far about most of it. What are you alls thoughts?

5100's set at .85
Eibach Coils
TSB Rear
275/70/17 Fireststone Destination A/T


MedlinAround 06-20-2011 01:39 PM

Ok Ill check them right here in a sec. So the taco lean shouldnt effect it.

Fabulous 06-20-2011 03:54 PM

I have the same lift, and hate to say it, but you will likely have to add some UCA's to get it to drive correctly again. When I had mine done they got it to "spec" but that is a huge margin. I had 1.9/ 2.08 caster, 0.6 camber, and 0.02 toe and it still didn't cut it for me. I slapped in some Light Racing UCA's a couple months ago, and now have 2.5 caster, 0 camber, and 0.02 toe and it drives better then stock. Everyone on here that lifts their truck past 2" should in my opinion have UCA's added to get a proper alignment, not just in the "spec"

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