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wolfman00 07-13-2011 03:04 PM

fine tuning lift height and options
hey, so right now I have a 2.25 strut spacer that I picked up for 29 bucks. (nice deal right?) For now its fine, but i planned on it being a temporary option.

here are my ideas, main objective is I kinda want to stay at 2.25 as it seems to be just high enough to keep the front in spec and not have to get UCAs.

5100s at 1.75 and a 1/4" trim spacer to get 2.25 (would that work well?)

I also picked up a set of front trd bilstein struts with 5k on them. (not being used, just got them because I could, they are nearly new, and free...so why not.
the other idea is those with 884 coils and the 1/4" trim spacer.

I have a reg cab 4x4, so with the ome coils, i hear so much variation in heights that I have no clue what I could get. General concensus I get is that with a reg cab 4x4 the 884s give about 2". Am I on base with that?

I am just kicking some ideas that I have and seeing what would work well. I have scanned the shit out of this site so I know what I need, just what components work best together to get me there.


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