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Sparrow 10-22-2011 10:50 PM

Looking for Complete 2.5" 1st Gen Lift with Full Leaf Packs
Hullo there. Just got my first Taco (finally, hooray :D). Black 2000 4x4 TRD Xtracab, 3.4 L auto, custom roll bar/headache rack with 4 chrome KC daylighters (lights fold down behind cab when not in use-sweet), K&N CAI, Magnaflow exhaust, 10" Rockford Fosgate sub with 300 watt amp, only 133k on the odo. Love it! Drove it 1000 miles back from Colorado to Nevada in the first 24 hours I owned it. About a year ago had a 97 4Runner with the RR Diff lock that the ex totaled a week after I bought it :mad:. She asked to borrow my truck today (to haul trash, no less), which happens to be about a week after I bought it...Yeah right!

Anyway, changed the oil and t-case fluid, then got to greasing the chassis and noticed that the passenger side rear shock is actually broken off at the lower mount. Previous owner told me he towed a couple snowmobiles over Colorado mountain passes pretty regularly. The rear springs are pretty saggy as well, so I figure its time for a lift! Riding on 31x10.5's at the moment. Read a bunch of the susp threads here, checked a few other sites, but never found very explicit answers regarding some questions I have. Here goes:

1. I read (on the BajaTaco build site) that with 2.5" of lift or less no mods are required to brake lines or anything else (diff drop, etc). Agreed?

If so I'd like to get a 2.5" suspension lift. Interested in performance, not just looks. Mix of city, highway, off road, and hauling the occasional dirtbike or even towing a small (16') travel trailer. This is my only vehicle (with four wheels), so hopefully I can get a good mixed use suspension built, though I am going back to school in January, so even though I have a good amount of cash handy, I am trying to preserve it for my college nest egg. That being said, I know I am going to have to spend some cash to get what I want and am bracing myself for it.

2. With all that in mind, can anyone suggest a good package for a 2.5" lift, complete with full rear leaf spring packs, for a reasonable sum of money? Seems like all the packages I find only include an AAL.

Working on pics for you. Thanks for any advice you can offer. Diggin the site. Found the "text a girl can I tap that" thread last night (working graveyards) and am totally getting in on that. Freaking hilarious. Thanks again.

Norton 10-23-2011 01:03 AM

Congrats on your purchase and welcome to TW! I recommend you start by reading/reviewing the Tacoma Lift FAQ/Guide and this Suspension Lift Info threads.

While not exactly a "kit", and I'm not sure what you define as a "reasonable sum of money," many of us have had good luck with WHEELER'S HD Tacoma Replacement or OME DAKAR Leaf Springs, OME Coils, and OME Nitrocharger or Bilstein 5100 shocks. Another option is a COMPLETE OME SUSPENSION SYSTEM. Toytec also has some good stuff, but their kits tend to include AALs rather than full leaf packs.

You need to decide what you need/want and how much you're willing/able to spend. Armed with that information, you should consult the experts at Wheeler's Off-Road and/or DownSouth Motorsports. Both offer competitive pricing, great customer service, and TW member discounts. ;)

Sparrow 10-23-2011 02:16 AM

How much is the members discount? And thanks for the heads up regarding it!

Increased the font size for ya there...

Sparrow 10-23-2011 04:31 AM

Ok so looking at the OME Dakar leafs and 881 coils. Question regarding those: the Dakar leafs are supposed to give 2.25" of lift in the rear, but the 881's only give 1.75-2" lift in the front. Do I need to compensate for this difference by getting trim packers or lift enhancers for the front (as available from Wheelers)? Looks like the trim packer would give an extra 1/4 to 3/8" lift up front, pretty much evening things out.

Still up in the air as far as Billy 5100's vs Nitros vs Nitro Sports. The Billys appear to be the most bang for the buck, but if the ride is that much harsher, as a lot of people on this site seem to say, I have to question whether it will really be worth saving a few bucks.

4Wheelin4Banger 10-24-2011 12:46 PM

Trim packer corrects Taco lean and is only on drivers side. OME gives more lift than they say.
From ToyTec website
881 coils - stock front weight- uses top plate spacers (884 2nd gen reg cab)
883 coils for an additional 100LBS front weight (can also be used for 3" lift without top plate spacers with no additional weight) (885 2nd gen AC & DC)
882 coils for over 150+ LBS additional front weight (886 2nd gen AC & DC with plate bumper & winch)
If they are like 2nd gen coils and they look like they are. 881s & 883s have the same spring rate but the 883s are a little longer and the 882s are stiffer.
So the 883s would be like the 885s I got.
And I answered all the questions you PM'd me about.

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