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Dhawk1313 10-30-2011 11:20 PM

Just need a confirmation
Hey guys. I've been trolling for awhile now trying to learn more about lifts and which one would be good for me. I came into it with no clue what anything meant or what I'd need, and now I feel relatively confident in what I'm about to buy. All the posts in this section have been extremely helpful, as well as people helping me through PM. Just wanna do a quick runover with the experts before I commit to the purchase :D

Essentially, I'll be doing very little offroading, if any, so I don't need something with alot of functionality. It's mainly for looks. I want about a 3inch lift or close to. Also, ride quality isnt too big of a deal to me.

I've read alot and see alot people run a set-up similiar to what I want, so at least it sounds right haha.

I'm gonna buy :

Toytec/Eibach front coil lift springs
Rear Toytec AAL's
Billy 5100's for the rear and front
Front Differential Drop kit

Does that sound right for I'm looking for? Sorrry for dragging this out and probably posting shit you've seen a million times, but I just wanna make sure I'm doing this right and that I'm not gonna be missing anything.

Thank you in advance.


Konaborne 10-30-2011 11:22 PM

yep, that's pretty much the same setup i'm running now

looks like youre good to go

Dhawk1313 10-30-2011 11:24 PM


Originally Posted by Konaborne (Post 3950241)
yep, that's pretty much the same setup i'm running now

looks like youre good to go

You were my inspiration <3

Warhorseforever 10-30-2011 11:26 PM

First his thread gets sticked and now you come in with that? His head is going to blow up to the size of a hot air balloon. Lift looks good to go btw.

OZ-T 10-30-2011 11:29 PM


Konaborne 10-30-2011 11:34 PM


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