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[eric] 11-01-2011 10:21 AM

How good of a solution is this?
I know there are a lot threads asking questions about lifts on this site, so I just wanted to start out my saying thanks for taking the time to read me over. I have spoken to a few members through PM's and everyone as been great so far.

I have 2005 DC Off-road with a shell over the bed. The rear leaf springs are sagging and the shocks are horrible. They are not the factory shocks anymore and are very uncomfortable driving around the streets and on dirt it shakes my whole truck.

Money is very much an issue. Since I bought the truck I have always wanted to do a small lift but never got the money together. I hate the way my trucks feels and performs now so its a bit more urgent.

So I was thinking to get an Icon 1.5" AAL and some OME rear shocks. And If in the whenever future I have the money I can buy some buy new shocks and springs for the front too. My tires are BFG AT LT 265 75 16.

How good of a solution is this? Should I get a .5" spacer for the front too?



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