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blackturdtaco 11-14-2011 11:35 AM

shuddering after lift
i've had my toytec coilovers on billies 5100 with toytec 1.5" rear AAL with shims for about a month now with no vibrations or noises. But last night, i noticed some shuddering and noises from what seems to be the front end of my truck.

i've been researching "noises after 3 inch lift" along with "vibrations after 3inch lift". But i'm coming somewhat emtpy handed on these searches because my shuddering/grinding is happening when i let my foot off the brake pedal without accelerating. That is, the shuddering/grinding happens as the truck is rolling at idle as opposed to the majority of people's grinding/noises/vibrations happening while they accelerate 25+mph. Moreover, when i accelerate the shuddering seems to go away.

To be clear, I have a 2008 sport prerunner DCLB and the lift is set to about 3 inches with camburg ucas. my alignment was done with acceptable measurements. my list of ideas from researching are the following:
  • bad wheel bearing
  • LS chatter (replace rear diff fluid)
  • install CB drop kit
  • take off my rear shims
  • front brakes/ seized calipers
just wanted to get an idea what you think is the culprit behind the shuddering/noise when the truck is rolling at idle.

sorry for the long post. thanks in advance for your advices!

Sublime 11-14-2011 12:52 PM

Check all bolts and tighten to spec too! Sorry, I'm not much help but it could be any one of those!

blackturdtaco 11-14-2011 01:08 PM

yeah i double checked all the bolts with my snap on torque wrench, which i believe is still well calibrated. just read another post about the possibility of sway bar links... the list seems it's never going to end

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