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lucky73 12-05-2012 10:11 PM

2003 Regular Cab 4x4 Options
Would like to know other RC owners experience, if you feel like sharing, on either of the following possible set-ups. Normal use will be no towing, very low weight in the bed if any at all, and Hwy/Light offroad and snow driving, 80-90% highway running.

Option A:
1.25" Lift and can run 275/70
Front Bilstein 5100 (use stock springs) and Rear Bilstein 5100 at 1st setting +
AARL @ progressive rate + top spacers (option) for more lift but no ride worsening.


Option B
2.5" Lift can run 33" or 285/70
Front ICON Coilover + ICON rear shock + AARL @ progressive rate

Primary Goal is to improve ride quality and handling above all else and get some lift for larger tires. Likely to run 16" wheels.

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