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Petterzon 01-22-2013 10:25 AM

Advice on lift kit for a 2013 Tacoma.
I've been looking at Tacomas for a while and I'm just about to acquire one. At the same time along with my newfound truck interest I also started reading about lifting kits. Now I really dont need or want anything ridiculous. It's pretty much purely estethic. So Im thinking 2-3 inches, just to get a slightly more sporty/aggressive stance on it.

I've been reading and looking around in the jungle that is lift kits. So I've got some general questions that I'm looking for guidance/advice on.

To get about a 3 inch lift kit, would it be possible to retain the factory suspension? Or is it going to be a whole big project?

My work is in mechanics but not related to cars, could i possibly just shim it to get the lift or?

And more so, I doubt I'd go hand to hand on my new car when I'm not familiar with the vehicle, so how much would the actual work craft cost me? Is there any availlable lift and such at the toyota dealers so that i could just have them install it?

Thank you for any help.

P9HST2 01-22-2013 05:24 PM

I would try to think of lifting a vehicle as one possible benefit to a suspension upgrade. Generally speaking, lifting a vehicle's stock suspension by adding spacers to raise it higher is just a compromise that achieves it by degrading the factory suspension. Replacing suspension components in a well thought out manner is the best way to make your truck sit higher and ride well.

I'll suggest that you look for a reputable shop in your area that is familiar with Tacoma suspensions and tell them what you'd like to do. They should be able to give you suggestions and cost estimates.

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