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MadMaxthemudder 03-05-2013 09:29 PM

Bilstein 5100 questions
howdy Tacoma world, i have a few questions about the bilstein 5100 that i cannot seem to answer reading the previous threads. But a little background to understand, i drive a '12 4wd 5 speed, i live in an area where our roads are crap, going through road construction detours in the summer is almost better than off roading... anyway, i would like to give my truck a little more stance and a little more clearance, i have been looking at the 5100's but i cannot figure out these question
at the 1.75 to 2 inch lift, what does it do to the ride of the vehicle?
how does it affect the handling?
what would i do to lift the truck about 2 inches all the way around using the 5100s?
what is your personal experience(do you like them, not like them, etc.)
how hard is it to install the 5100's
and whatever else you can tell me, thank you

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