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masshole taco 03-10-2013 09:54 AM

So I adjusted my Fox 2.5 C/O's..Not much 4 turns on the driver side and 3 turns on the passenger side...Anyway, after I did that I brought it down to the local tire place to get it aligned...After I got it aligned I noticed I was rubbing on some plastic... trimmed it away but last night i was backing up cut the wheel to the left and it sounded like I was rubbi9ng again... Went out there today with my buddy and I"m not rubbing on anything...sounds like it's a CV joint or ball joint??? Anybody ever have this problem??? THoughts on what it could be??

Also I noticed that after I adjusted it's a lot more bumpier ride.literally it feels like I can feel every frost heave in the road..


Also if i cut the wheel and drive forward i don't hear it... Only in reverse???

Supra TT 03-17-2013 02:18 PM

How much does "4 turns" lift the CO's? Sounds like to me you have too much preload on them

masshole taco 03-18-2013 08:49 AM

Well after driving it for about 100 miles I realized 4 turns was way too much.. It drove super stiff so I cranked it bakc and just went up two turns on both sides from where it was originally.. little more stiff then the original ride but not bad at all.. Anyway.. as far as the rubbing quesiton I have it turns out after I did the original crank and had it aligned the cranked my camber/tow down.. it was at like 3 and of course they had it all at 0 which caused my 285's to rub the frame at full cut.. driving me crazy.. anyway they adjusted both sides to 3 and no more rub.. alightment place said it will wear the tires evenly so I didn't see any bad things of doing that..

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