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Tuckaseetacoma 03-18-2013 10:07 PM

No TSB but have aal need bro rake to go when towing!
Have an add a leaf and modified Chevy coils from a spring plant need the house. Gives me four in front 3.5 in rear empty. Will adding the TSB level me out and help my towing?
Don't want lift from shocks have worn out billies on my other. Tacos before want something more permenant.
Bad rake when I tow or haul four wheeler.
Can't afford replacement sling pack right now had a baby Friday.

2011 dblcab lb
285/75 16 BFF at
Spider trac 1.25
Demello bumper with warn 8000

What is my most frugal option for this problem?
Buy TSB from dealer
Helper spring bs
Or what?

Tuckaseetacoma 03-18-2013 11:27 PM

I off road a bit but not for kicks I do it for hunting . Old logging roads with ditches and small creeks I could barely ford stock now I'm doing well getting where I need to go . Well if I add about 200 lbs in the bed I get great traction.

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