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DeSean Thick 03-29-2013 10:05 AM

Do I upgrade my old 5100s? Opinions please
A few questions about suspensions, sure I could have searched the forums but where is the fun in that?

I've been running the bils up front on my 05 for about five years now. Nothing in the back except the rear suspension TSB, I can't remember if that was an AAL or shock upgrade or what that did... I set the 5100s to .85 but because I have the TRD sport with stiffer springs, I'm pretty sure it just about doubled that height. So for the last five years i've been driving around a fairly level truck, until i put anything in the back.

I have FINALLY paid off the truck and i'm starting to accumulate a small fortune in my bank account (a few grand). Someday I would like to replace wheels and all but for now I would really like to invest in a good suspension upgrade...

USES: It's my daily driver and my weekend warrior. Now that I've relocated to Colorado I'm pumped for all the offroad action i can throw at it. I don't by any means need long travel, but I do want it to climb mountains and speed down gravel roads. (if you can stand the editing of the video in my sig, that's pretty much my intended usage)

I'm looking at different coilover options for the front but besides liking kings because they match my paint, I'm pretty lost at picking a brand. I want to start off with a minor 1.5 lift until I do get larger tires in the future.

QUESTIONS: With a 1.5 lift should I also get new UCAs? Or wait until I want to raise the truck more? Same question with a diff drop, I have heard so many different arguments about the necessity of a diff drop that I'm sick of hearing those words.

How easy are coilovers to adjust after putting miles on them at a certain setting? I can't imagine the hell of raising my 5100s up higher after 5 years of use...

Is this large of an investment (front and rear suspension included) worth it for my uses, or do the 5100s still have enough kick in them?

Besides Coilovers, maybe UCAs and diff drop kit, rear spring pack and shocks, are there any other products that I would have to consider to go along with these upgrades?

If you read this far I appreciate it and I look forward to hearing your guys' opinions on the matter


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