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Dafinga 04-03-2013 05:14 PM

Vibration between 70 and 80 mph
Hi Folks,

I am looking for some advice. I bought a used but tricked out 2011 Tacoma TRD sport Double Cab long bed with the following mods:

Bruteforce bumper with ADV lights and Winch
Brutefoce sliders
Camburg UCA's w/ Icon Coilovers
Wheelers Progressive AAL in rear with Bilstein 5100's
Fuel wheels with Terragrapplers 265/70/17's

The truck drives smoothly up to around 70mph and then I get the dreaded vibration under the seat. It feels like it is coming from the rear. I got the wheels balanced on a Road Force machine. I have yet to get an alignment. Anything else I should be looking at. This seems to be quite common with 2011 DC LB's. It is pretty annoying.

Any alignment shops in the Bay area that you folks trust?


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