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Beaureguardbull 05-02-2013 04:28 PM

Spacers + Monroes or OME 880s + Monroes.
I'm in a situation and i am not sure which way I should go. Whenever my truck was given to me at 260,000, my dad said that we would probably change struts pretty soon. As time went on, I started looking at maybe buying some Billies, but he came in today with some Monroes. I want my truck to level out, because I am tired of my 265/75/16s rubbing and I would like a better stance. Which one should I choose, OME springs (most probably 880s) , or just get some spacers. I feel like the OMEs would be better, but Im not really sure if a OME and Monroe would mix together nicely. Also I know not many people are fans of spacers on TW. Any input on which direction I should take would be greatly appreciated!

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