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Parceiro 10-30-2013 10:51 PM

Help with Toytec kits
Nevermind! I think I found the answers I needed. Feel free to delete this thread!

Hi gang!

I'll be taking delivery of my 2014 Sport soon (first truck!) and one of the first things I'm considering doing is upgrading the suspension a bit. I don't want a big lift, maybe just 1.5" or so and to keep some rake. Mainly interested in better shocks and to keep good on-road ride quality. I'll also be keeping stock tire size (maybe bump it up to 265/70/17, but not bigger).

ANYWAY... I've been reading a ton of threads and I think I've decided on the Bilstein 5100's all around + Eibach coils with 1.5 AAL (maybe?) in the rear. I have a couple of question though:

1. What is the different between these two kits?
A) http://store.toyteclifts.com/3-lift-...ers_p_364.html

B) http://store.toyteclifts.com/Bilstei...cks_p_132.html

2. Do I need/want the diff drop kit? I think I read that 2nd gens don't need it. Is that right?


Willcory 11-01-2013 10:55 PM

-One of the kits com fully assembled with Toytec Aluminum top mount and Urethane bushings.

-Only need the diff drop kit if you have 4x4, the lift on the front put the front axles at alot steeper angle and will kill the life of your axles alot faster ( so yes get it )

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