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bakins49 12-03-2013 08:04 PM

UCA Quick Question
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I have a 2011 Tacoma Pre Runner 2wd Dbl Cab with a 3 in Toytec Lift(Ebachi Coils, Bilstein 5100, and toytec spacer). I Love this setup, but it is time for UCA. Now i dont do crazy offroad cralwing or anything like that, so i dont have a need for unibal UCA(although that would be sweet). Anyways, I am looking at the SPC Light Racing UCA with factory style balljoints. First question is, Are these UCA's too long to use with stock rims? Im running 305/70/r16 with a 1/2in wheel spacer. Also, Are these nice quality UCA's? And would this be a good setup with the toytec lift? Any comments are greatly appreciated and I would also like to see what type of suspension you guys/gals are running out there to give me some more ideas of the way I want to go with this.

Brett Akins

BradyT88 12-03-2013 09:19 PM

I beat the shit out of my Taco on the LR UCA's. I hit about everything from jumps in the dunes to intense rock crawling (for an IFS Tacoma at least). They have survived it all just fine and I have over 1500lbs of weight over factory when I am out wheeling. With the adjustable caster and camber in the LR UCA's you can crank the camber all the way out and rotate the ball joint around to give you extra room for your tires to clear the UCA. I can't say for sure whether is will have more or less room than the uniball style UCA's, but I'd bet they either have more or it is about the same. Then just have the alignment tech do a normal alignment using the LCA cams and they can bring your alignment back into spec.

When I compared these to a friends Total Chaos UCA's I think the LR's actually have more down travel (didn't compare up travel) but it doesn't matter because both have more travel than the factory LCA ball joint.

Check out my build thread for some pics of what all I have put my Taco through. I have had the LR UCA's on it since I pretty much got it so they are in all of the wheeling trips in my build thread.

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