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EmoSlayer 10-02-2009 07:23 PM

Tsb, bilstein 5100
I've been doing more research on TW and came up with only more questions... :confused:

Hopefully nobody is getting pissed with all the Q's

TSB: Does this qualify for a 2009 DC TRD Sport? Will it lift the rear 1.5" or any lift at all, if so how high?

Bilstein 5100s set at 2.25" in the front, is this possible? Are they adjustable in 1/4" increments? How would the ride be with stock coils with the billys set at 2.25"

Would I only need to purchase front Bilsteins for 180.00$ at suspensionconnection.com to have 2.25" lift front and get toyota to install the TSB 1.5" in the rear, fo free!

I plan on running stock sport trd rims with 265/70/17s mt km2

Any pics with this kind of setup would be really helpful

It'd be pretty badass to lift the truck for only 180.00$ and still retain quality on and off road.

Chris4x4, your advice is always welcome, I think I owe you a beer after all these questions you've been answering

1337Taco 10-02-2009 07:35 PM

You would have to go with 1.75" or 2.5". You may or may not be able to get the TSB in the rear. Kind of depends on what dealer you take it to. Wheelers has the shocks for $175 http://www.wheelersoffroad.com/05uptacoadjbils.htm

Also check out DownSouthMotorsports where you can get a discount. Your ride might be stiff but will definitely be capable on and offroad. Post up pics when your done!

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