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TopFlightTaco 01-31-2008 07:30 AM

6" lift?????
hey everyone. im new to the forum and i cant quite find any answers. i have an 02 tacoma V6 2wd trd prerunner. i am definately goin to lift it 6" but i cant find any lifts for it. i can only find lift kits for a 5 lug but i have a 6 lug. also the lift kits for the 6 lug are only for a 4 wheel drive set up. any advice would be awsome. also i will be buying intake, headers exhast and try to redo the computer (for a little more power) all at the same time. so any advice on all of these will be much appreciated. i just sold my turbo MR2 so i have a little bit of money to play with. ive read around a little and have found that everyone on here is awsome and i cant wait to hear back from you guyz.thank you for all the help that will hopefully come. :D

dabighi 02-03-2008 09:27 PM

for the first gen i would go with an intake from k&n. same time i would upgrade the exhaust from the catback. no need to go out and buy a kit. pick out a muffler you like(the flowmaster 40 series works and sounds great) and have a shop add that and at the same time replace the old piping with a larger diameter pipe(3inches is good. too much and you might not have enough backpressure and lose some power). as for the 6 lug lift..everything your looking at for the 4wd will work. only difference is that you do not need to add the front diff drop kit. good luck with your truck. the 1st gens are a good platform to play with.

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