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gsanderson 11-19-2009 08:50 AM

Pro Comp leaf packs
Looking at the Pro Comp leaf packs for my 95.5 Tacoma 4X4... they are rated at 3-5" of lift

I went to put on my Billy 5100's the other day and could not because of sagging leaf springs...

I guess I will put on new leafs but do not want to much lift as I really do not want more than 31X10.50 tires and think it looks odd with a bunch of lift and small tires.

Does anyone have experience with these leaf packs and how much lift you actually get. They say they give between 3 and 5" of lift. If they give 3" that is OK but 5" would be way too much.

I thought the 5100's are for stock to some lift but they seem to be too long for stock... I know mine is sagging but they seem pretty long.

I can get these from a local shop for less than $200 a pair so the price is great...

Any input from you guys would be great...

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