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VenomTaco88 12-05-2009 07:25 PM

OME lift with a body?
So im currently deployed and all i do is sit in front of a computer (in my down time of course) and research the right way to get the lift i desire. So ive decided that a 6" lift is just not waht i want a little to pricey plus i really dont want to much abuse on my baby(its not paid off dammit). I have decided a OME lift with toytec aal would be a nice 3" lift but i still felt like i needed more. I thought that a 1" body would be a nice add and just about what im looking for but thre lies he problem where would i go about buying a 1" body lift and would this at all affect my ride quaility or compromise the trucks longivity at all? All advice would be much appretiated thanks fella's and gal's.

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